Specialized Programs

At Utah Valley Specialty Hospital, we are pleased to offer our patients ventilator weaning, cardio/pulmonary recovery, and wound care programs.

Specialized Programs

Ventilator Weaning Program
Mechanical ventilation is a life-saving procedure used to support a patient who is recovering from a critical illness or injury. Patients who require prolonged mechanical ventilation need specialized medical assistance in healing and weaning from ventilator dependence.

At Utah Valley Specialty Hospital, our medical team focuses on getting the best possible outcome for our patients who are dependent upon ventilators by progressive weaning, pneumonia prevention, and recovery from complex medical, surgical or traumatic conditions. In addition, our ventilator weaning team also addresses aspiration precautions, infection risks, stress ulcers, and deep-vein thrombosis risk.

We support our patients and their family members with issues that often occur with ventilator-dependent patients, such as communication, swallowing (progressing to feeding), endurance, mobility, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance. In addition, our patients are cared for in high observation/critical care environment that allows family visits.

Outpatient Therapy Program

  • Our physical, speech, and Occupational therapists specialize in treating neurological conditions including: Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injury
  • Our dedicated therapists use the most effective techniques to achieve maximal functional patient outcomes
  • We also provide outpatient services to patients who are no longer required to be in the hospital, but still need physical, speech, and/or occupational therapy to help them continue to recover fully
  • After completion of our outpatient therapy program, we offer a unique Parkinson’s Wellness Program to ensure our client’s continued health, safety, and functional independence.

Parkinson’s Wellness Program

  • Designed to meet the long term mobility, health, and safety needs of our clients
  • Parkinson’s specific exercise sessions supervised by therapy staff
  • Group LSVT Big exercises
  • Parkinson’s adapted Yoga classes

Cardio/Pulmonary Recovery Program
The Cardio/Pulmonary Recovery program at Utah Valley Specialty Hospital is designed to help patients with chronic or exacerbated cardiac or pulmonary issues. These patients require extended recovery time and high levels of observation.

Our medical team uses best practices and therapeutic approaches to get optimum results for our patients. These patients may require care for heart bypass surgery , valve replacements, abdominal aortic aneurysms, ventilator weaning, lung disease, chest tube management or specialized wound care.

We provide our patients and their family members with support and education during and after a patient leaves our program. This includes looking at daily routines to find ways to decrease the amount of effort needed to perform certain tasks, eliminating other tasks, and building in more rest during the day.

Wound Care Program
The Wound Care program at Utah Valley Specialty Hospital provides an interdisciplinary approach to improving wound healing by using patient-focused care. The health care team that assists our patients is comprised of a physician, dietitian, wound nurse leader, therapist, and staff nurse. The team works with the patient to create an individualized plan to create an optimal environment for wound healing to occur. This includes wound treatment, positioning/mobility, nutrition, and medical management.